March makeup empties

Hey, people!

Welcome to another beauty concerning post of mine. Today I'm showing and telling you a bit more about my March makeup empties.

Manhattan Cover Stick
I bought this concealer 6 months ago for about $7, but I do have other concealers so that's why I've had it for such a long time. Along with that, my skin's also not really problematic, so it doesn't need any extra coverage (for an everyday look, of course). Otherwise, this concealer is pretty thick and would work best on oily skin, since it does make me look a bit cakey, probably because I have really dry skin. It was a bit darker then my skin tone, although I bought the lightest shade. Other than that, I think it could be a great alternative for other people with oily skin, but for me it just didn't work out really well.

Maybelline New York Dream Fresh BB Cream
I've heard a lot about this BB cream from beauty gurus, so, naturally, I had to buy it (I think it was about $10). This was a shade darker as my skin tone as well, but it still worked beautifully for me. It didn't dry out my skin at all and I didn't even feel like I was wearing this "light foundation".

Max Factor False Lash Effect
Now, this is a goldie. This was the first mascara that I ever bought myself and I've loved it so much. My natural lashes are quite short, actually almost invisible and this gave me some beautiful black long volumnious lashes and I could build it up nicely. It costs about $12, but it's really worth it. Next time I'm at the drugstore I'm picking up the waterproof version of this perfect mascara, although the regular version did not smudge either.

S-he Stylezone Waterproof Eyeliner
I don't remember the price of this product, but it is quite good at doing it's job. It's a really dark black eyeliner, that's what I like about it, and it's waterproof. But after 4-6 hours of wearing it, I did start to see it smudging a bit on my upper lid. The tip is a bit to thick for my personal taste of creating a perfect line right by the lash line. But it could definitely work it's way up with a thinner tip and maybe some setting with a black eyeshadow.

Manhattan Soft Mat Loose Powder
Great product, great capacity, great price ($6). That's all it takes to describe this product. The powder gives you some extra coverage without "caking it on" and it just becomes one with your skin. I didn't find it heavy at all, and it matched my skin tone perfectly. The sponge you get with the powder is really soft, so it really makes it comfortable to apply.

Have a great day, Maja


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