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Hello, everyone,

I've been thinking of writting a post about this Dior mascara for a while now. So here it is, enjoy your reading.

This was given to me as a gift and the first time I tried it, I fell in love with it. This mascara gives a lot of length, but like some other mascaras, it doesn't make your eyelashes thicker. Personally, that's what I like in a mascara. This is the perfect mascara if what you're trying to achieve is a natural "no makeup" kind of look. When I wear this mascara people constantly tell me that my natural lashes look so long. Well, that's because they aren't.

The application of this mascara is certainly at it's finest with this amazing brush. It's so thin and the bristles, as well, that it makes applying mascara so much easier (on the lower lashes as well). It also separates them perfectly and it doesn't smudge at all. I couldn't wish for more in a mascara, sure, it's not cheap either. I looked it up and I think it costs about 30 dollars.

What are some of the most important qualities you look for in a mascara? Which one is your favorite?

xx Maja


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