My perfume collection

Earlier I was thinking of what to post next on my blog and I couldn't get an ideas that would get me to writting right away. Then I was randomly looking at my room and saw my perfumes on the shelf, so I decided to introduce them to you. Enjoy.

Love Feathers 100ml
The best way to describe the scent of this perfume is strong, rosy and sophisticated. I've had it for the longest time but I still use it frequently. It stays on for a good amount of time and the bottle is really big, so it's no surprise that I still have plenty of it left.

Vittorio Bellucci FLOWER OF BEAUTY
This italian perfume smells really nice, I would say roses are the main ingredient. It has that summer scent, but it's not my favorite since it is quite sweet. I've had this one for a couple of years and there's still about half of the bottle left.

There's not much left to this perfume. Fruity scent is what this bottle is filled with, but I wouldn't say it's over the top. I wear this one all year, no matter the season. I just can't get enough of it since it's really gentle but not sweet.

Christina Aguilera 30ml
This scent can seem too strong as you put it on first, but once it dries it leaves you with just the right amount of elegance. I could definitely compare it to some high end perfumes, Dior to be specific.

essence like the PARTY of my life 50ml
Cheap and heavenly. That's the way to describe this scent. I use it quite a lot and I still have plenty.

AVON little white dress 50ml
This one could be my favorite of them all. To me it seems more like a winter frequence so that's when I use it the most.

Smells amazing but it's soft. I started using it not so long ago and I'm glad it's still almost full. I find it great for everyday wear.

LANCOME PARIS miracle 5ml
This was the first perfume I've ever gor and I have only a drop or two left. I don't want to use it up completely because I just like smelling it in random moments. Perfect.

Here my post comes to an end. I really hope you enjoyed reading it, if you have any recommendations concerning perfumes or beauty in general let me know in the comments. I would also appreciate any suggestions you might have for my future posts.

Untill next time, Maja


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