Everyday makeup routine

Hello, everyone,

Today I'm bringing you my daily routine of applying makeup. This is what I ussualy do in between the working week when I go to school. Let's jump straight into it.

First, I do my brows. I brush them through with the BH Cosmetics spoolie and then I fill them in with the Catrice Cosmetics Eyebrow set. I brush them backwards a couple times (from the tail of my brow to the very beginning) for a more natural look. To finish of, I use the tinted Eyebrow Filler/Gel, which is also from Catrice Cosmetics.

If I decide to not wear any eyeshadow, I go straight to my face. I apply the Catrice Cosmetics primer to provide some moisture, since my skin is quite dry. Then I wait a couple of minutes and dust on just a bit of the Manhattan loose powder mainly under my eyes, on my lid, nose, chin and forehead area with the BH Cosmetics Small Contour Brush. Next, I go in with the new Catrice Cosmetics Liquid Camouflage concealer and put it right where I've applied the powder. To bronze up my pale face I use the Alverde bronzer in the combination with the BH Cosmetics Domed Buffing Brush.

I go on to my eyes. All I ussualy do is curl my lashes with the Ebelin curler and then apply two coats of mascara I feel like using that day.

To finish of the whole look I use some lip butter from Labello and apply the Essence lipstick in the shade 06 "Barely there!".

That's all I've prepared for you in this post. Be sure to leave any questions or suggestions for my upcoming posts in the comment section bellow.
Which products do you love using on an everyday basis?

xx Maja


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