Avon Extralasting Eyeshadow Ink

Hello, everyone!

Since I've been using this eyeshadow quite frequently, it was about time to write about it.

I have mine in the shade Forever Bronze and so far it is the only shade I own from the line. I've been wearing it on my lids with some nude shades in my crease or just by it's own, which in my opinion looks beautiful as well. It lasts for a really long time, even without a primer and it doesn't smudge at all. Although, I underestimated it's wearing time, I'm not a big fan of it's texture. First of all, I recommend using your  finger to pick up the product, since that will be quite impossible when using a brush. The pigmentation could be a lot better, since the shade which you get on your lid or even as a swatch, is way lighter then the actual shadow. Overall, I do like the eyeshadow and will continue to use it, it still looks gorgeous in my opinion. You can see it yourself on the next photo.

What's your opinion on this eyeshadow? Are you going to try it out?

xx Maja


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