Current Makeup Wishlist

Hey, everyone!

Welcome to today's post in which I'll be revealing the makeup products that are currently on my wishlist. I hope you enjoy it.

ZOEVA Complete Eye Set
I've been wanting to get these for the longest time. I believe there's not a single day that passes by without these brushes being mentioned at least once. I've heard so many good opinions on this particular set and the brushes from Zoeva itself, it's impossible to not want them. I do have a brush set from BH Cosmetics that works just fine and does it's job, but it lacks some eye brushes, so that's definitely something that I'll be buying in the near future.

GOLDEN ROSE Matte Lipstick Crayons 
The ones that I crave for the most from the line are the shades 01, 08, 09 and 14, although they all look very tempting. The feedback that this brand gets is overwhelming and I hope to soon be able to let them know my own. The crayons are supposed to be very smooth in texture, long lasting and pigmented. Will be extending my lip products collection with these (hopefully) soon.

SLEEK Solstice Highlighting Palette
I've been seeing this palette whenever I go through the store and whenever I saw it, I thought the shades looked quite pretty, but I didn't want to make a decision whether to order it or not just yet. A few weeks ago one of my favourite youtubers, Kalei Lagunero posted a review on it being blown away with it and since then I'm determined to buy it the next time I place an order. I only have one highlighter, so this would really come in handy when experimenting with different looks.

MAC Prep+Prime 24-hour Extend Eye Base
I cannot stress enough over my oily eyelids enough, which tend to make every eye shadow slide away almost the second I put it on. A couple of people have recommended this product to me and said, if nothing else works, this will. After hearing so many good opinions, I have high expectations of this primer and hope it truly works, after I try it out for the first time.

AVON nailwear pro+ nailpolish
My collection of nailpolishes needs to be extended. I especially want to get some more nude tones and Avon seems to have perfect shades for my liking. Their nailpolishes are supposed to be really great in quality, so I am really excited to try them out. I am thinking about trying out their regular as well as their Magic Effects line, which seems to include some gorgeous shades.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams
A lot of people tend to really like these and nothing beats the feedback of customers. The texture seems to be a bit moisturizing, while the shades are matte. That's exactly what I am looking for myself and my lips. I'm extremely tempted to give these a try, especially the shade "Stockholm".

MAKEUP REVOLUTION Profix Oil Control Fixing Spray
Last but not least, I have been wanting to try this spray out for a really long time, but whenever I want to order it, they seem to be out of stock. My skin is quite dry and that's why this product would be more than welcome as a part of my makeup routine. 

These are all the products that are on my wishlist, do you want to give any of these a try, as well?
What are some good face primers that you use?

xx Maja


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