February Beauty Favorites

Hey, everyone!

The month of February has nearly come to an end so here I am again with a monthly favorites post. I have decided to do a favorites post every 2 months as well as an empties post. Let's get started with all the products I have been loving throughout this month.

AVON Planet Spa Sweet Sensuality Bath Elixir
I love taking baths every now and then, so this came in handy, especially now that I have been doing it more often. This elixir makes sure that there are a lot of bubbles as expected. The smell is really gentle which I love as well. I am just not the type of girl that would be overwhelmed over really strong scents. This product was basically made for me and I will most definitely continue to use it.

CATRICE Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer
For this one I can say, it has become some sort of a staple product for me. I have been using it every day this month, so that gives an idea of how much I adore it. It really is high coverage, which is quite convenient on the days, when you do not get enough sleep. For me, the formula is amazing and it covers pretty much anything you want it to cover.

AFRODITA Clean Phase Cream Peeling for All Skin Types
In the past I have used different products which usually dried out my skin pretty badly and boy, was I happy when I first started using this. It leaves my skin very smooth and rested and does not dry it out in any way. The peeling could also work really well for people with sensitive skin, since it is meant to be skin (pH) friendly.

SLEEK Blush in the shade Flushed 935
I have never thought I would get so "attached" to a blush, but I have to admit I have been using this almost every day. I even threw a bit on on the days, when I felt like wearing just some mascara and eyebrow gel. The shade is perfect, the formula is perfect and the intensity is perfect.

CATRICE Absolute Matt Eyeshadow Palette
Going back to the roots, I have been using this palette, which was actually one of the first eyeshadow palettes I have ever bought. Since I have been very busy in the past 2 months, there were only a few times I had the chance to go to the drugstore and make some purchases. So I have run out of my Manhattan Loose Powder and decided to use the lightest shades in this palette as a replacement. They still do their job well and make the concealer under my eyes stay on longer as well as look better.

AVON Supershock Mascara
This is the mascara I have been reaching for most of the time and it might just be the best mascara I have tried so far. The formula is great, not too dry and not too wet. I can build it up nicely if I want some more volume and the separation that it does on the lashes is greatly appreciated.

BOURJOIS Healthy Mix Serum
Speaking of going back to the old faves, this foundation has been doing it for me for quite a long time, even though in the meantime I stopped using it for a bit. The coverage is light, which I like, since I don't really need much coverage and it also feels great on the skin. So far, this is the only foundation that actually matches my pale skin. Well done, Bourjois!

NIVEA Men Sensitive After Shave Balm
Not many moisturisers have worked for me in the past, but when I started using this I was blown away. It hydrates my skin and prepares it for makeup (but not as a primer!). For me, this is all I need for my base.

Those are all the products I have been truly loving through February. Let me know if you have some favorites that I might like. Other than that, I wish you have a great day!

xx Maja


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