Alverde Bronzer

Rare are the products that I have owned for several years and still use them. But I can say the Alverde bronzer is one of them. I think this might be my first makup purchase, since I have bought it when I first started using it, which was probably about 4 years ago. I haven't stopped using it since, so you might say it is a staple product of mine.

I have mine in the shade 20 Terracotta Earth and it is the perfect natural kind of colour, when I wear it, people constantly think it is just the sun doing it's magic. I can barely tell it has shimmer in it and it is not too orangy either. It is well pigmented but does not seem cakey on the face and it is easily blendable. 

The staying power of the product is also quite good, which to be honest I did not expect. I would say it stays on for at least 7-8 hours, since it is still on my face when I get home from school. Of course, it fades a bit, but it definitely does not dissapear.

The only thing about it that could be improved is the packaging. Do not get me wrong, it looks really cute, which does not go unappreciated, but I would not necessarily bring this with me while travelling, since the lid is not really attached to the actual product.

That is about it for this post, I hope I have helped you a bit if you were thinking about purchasing the bronzer. Feel free to comment below if you have tried it already, I would love to know your experience with it!


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