Avon Calming Effects Liquid Concealer

Hey, guys!

In today's post, I am going to talk about the Calming Effects Liquid Concealer from Avon. Enjoy your reading.

I got mine in the shade "fair" in the hope of it not being too light for my skin tone. Turns out it is way too dark and orange, as well. I am sure we can all agree that is one of the perks of online shopping. Although, the shade difference was obvious, I decided to give it a chance. At the beginning I was hoping to still being able to pull it of under my eyes somehow, but on it's own, it just didn't work out. It smudged easily, didn't last long on my face at all and it almost felt like I was wearing some sort of face oil on my skin. Unfortunatelly, this concealer was a total dissapointment for me, so I cannot really tell who it would be suitable for, since I have dry skin and it still felt way too oily.

If you have any experience with this concealer, feel free to drop a comment, I would gladly read it.
What are some of your favourite concealers?

xx Maja


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