Avon Big&Multiplied Volume Mascara

Hi, guys,

In this post I decided to write another review. Since I have been using this particular Avon mascara for a while now, why not do a blog post about it?

Starting at the packaging, I do quite like it. It's nice and elegant, but nothing over the top. I would say the wand is about medium sized and a bit longer. It works on my lashes, that meaning it separates them nicely, which I did not expect, since I usually do not like mascara wands that are synthetic.
The formula of this mascara could be a bit drier in my opinion and I would not mind it being waterproof. Even though it does not have that advantage it still stays on my lashes well, but it does smudge a bit on my lower lashline, which I have experienced with every mascara so far. With that said, if you are not the person that has the same problems as myself, I do not see that being a problem.
As I have already said, the formula is a bit too watery, so it does not tend to give my lashes as much length as I would want it to, but it still provides me with a good amount of volume.
Overall, if you are not too picky when it comes to mascara and you are only looking for volume, not length, I would recommend you to try this one out. I will definitely use up mine.

Have you thought of trying this mascara or perhaps already have? How did you like it? Feel free to tell me more in the comments below, I would gladly chat with you all!

xx Maja


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