Avon Face Pearls

A natural-looking but still gorgeous highlighter is how I would describe these highlighting pearls best. I believe there is only one shade "to choose" from and it cost 13,70€.

I really like the packaging which is very spring/summer themed with all the colorful flowers and leaves on it (as the rest of the collection). It's also appropriate for travelling because of it's twist-up lid that makes sure nothing happens to the actual product.

The pearls are in four different shades which makes it a bit easier to match different skin tones. I've had these for a few months now and by the looks of it it seems like they will last me for a lifetime.
I can pick the pigment up easily with my brush or just my finger and it also blends out nicely for a more natural highlight. It does have little bits of pink shimmer in it but nothing that would really be visible or distracting after putting it on my face. In my opinion the shimmery pieces could be just a bit smaller to make it look even more natural, but I think it still works beautifully on my cheekbones, nose and cupid's bow.
I do like this product a lot and will continue to use due to it's settle but beautiful finish.

xx Maja


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