Avon Matte Eyeshadow Quad

I am always interested in discovering new eyeshadow palettes and this time it was obviously no different. I have had this palette for about two months now and I feel like I have given it enough try outs to give an honest opinion about it.

I got mine in the shade "Au Naturale" but they do hold a few other shades as well.
The packaging is quite simple and is in a form of a plastic compact which also makes handy for travelling, especially if you tend to have problems with such palettes opening up in your suitcase while carrying it. It comes with a decent (at least for an eyeshadow palette) sized mirror and a small applicator.

I can say the pigmentation of the shades in this palette surprised me a bit because I tend to have low expectations due to many drugstore palettes that definitely lack in that department. All of the shades from this palette are very nicely pigmented, are smooth and blend well, but they do fade a bit after blending, so make sure to go back in if you want something more than just a gentle natural look.
As I have been tracking the wear of this product throughout the day, I can say it wears really well and nearly looks like right after the application. And the characteristic that is most important to me, it does not crease even on my eyelids which are super oily.

That is all the information I wanted to share with you this time, I hope you learned something new about this product.

xx Maja


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