Avon Nailwear Pro+ 'Sheer Citrus'

I got really excited for this nail polish when I first received it, because I have been wanting to try the Avon nail polishes for the longest time. I have been wearing it a lot, so feel free to keep reading and finding out more about this product.

First of all, the shade looks amazing and it is the perfect mixture between a gentle, nude-ish kind of a color as well as a spring-like pink shade.
The packaging itself is pretty simple but at the same time stunning. I would say you get a decent amount of the polish. The lids of some polishes can get a bit clumsy when it comes to the grip, but this one suits my hand really well and I feel like I have great control over the application. The brush comes in a decent size as well and I don't need to do more than two swipes per a coat.

Speaking of the application, this product is not one of those "gems" that dry even before you get the chance to finish of the particular nail, so, I find that quite helpful. Comparing it to my other nail polishes I would say it is somewhere in the middle with it's drying time. But when it does, you are not getting rid of it anytime soon.
Nail polishes usually do not survive on my nails as a whole for more then 2-3 days, but this one stays on for a week without a problem. Personally, this is one of the most important things I search for in such products.
I can for a fact say that this is my favorite nail polish so far. Overall, it is amazing and I would recommend anyone to try it out.

xx Maja


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