Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Nude-ist

I was a bit skeptical about this liquid lipstick when I bought it because no lipstick has truly worked for me before. All the formulas I have tried until now leave my lips with a white residue that is not pleasant at all. I believe lip product was about 13€ which is quite high for a drugstore lipstick but appropriate for it's quality.

I like the packaging, it closes firmly so there's hardly any chance of it opening by accident and is not as big as classic liquid lipsticks, so it's great for throwing in a purse.

This shade 07 Nude-ist that I purchased is my opinion a great every day shade and I have been wearing it a lot. It is a bit different than what I expected, since it's more cool toned and rosy.
The lipstick has a slight but enjoyable scent to it, although it is still chemical.

When I start applying this on my lips, one swipe is really all I need for an even application. The texture feels a bit moussy and I was pleasantly surprised by that when I first applied it. It also sits very well on my lips and dries quickly for a liquid lipstick, I would say it needs about 2 minutes. 
When it dries it leaves me with an entirely matte lip. It smudges just a bit after eating/drinking and it stays put for a good amount of time as it is still there when I come home from school (8 hours of wear).

And now for the most important part for me, it doesn't leave a white trace/residue where my lips meet and that genuinely makes me really happy. With that said, I feel like drier formulas in lipsticks work way better for me even though I have dry lips and have to use chapstick all the time.
There's absolutely no doubt this is currently my favorite lipstick and there is something special about it, that makes it work so well for me. 

xx Maja


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