Dvorec Trebnik Argan Ointment

I have purchased this moisturizer a few months ago as I had a strong wish to try out some of the products from Dvorec Trebnik, which is a Slovenian company making products with only natural ingredients. Before I went and did my purchase I did a lot of "investigation" and saw that many people loved their stuff and that was just the last drop.

My skin can get super dry if I don't moisturize it properly and regularly. Properly, in my case, means something very hydrating and with a whole lot of oils. Before this product I have only discovered one single moisturizer that truly worked for me and now this one has totally switched with it's place.

The first thing I couldn't have liked more is the packaging, which is very elegant and sleek. In the beginning I thought the pot was metal but it is actually plastic. It may not seem like there's a lot of product in it but I can assure it will last you for a really long time, since it comes in quite a solid form but when you touch it, it transforms into an oil type moisturizer. I have had this product for about 3 months now and I still have about a half left.

The smell is divine and it is just so citrus/lemon-like I could smell it all day and not get over it at all.
Now, this is the kind of formula that does not sink into your skin, after all it is oil based.
This is one of those products for which I can say they really work. I use it in the evening before I go to sleep and it keeps hydrating my skin until I get up and go on with my day. It also helps my skin in a long term which I don't find too often. I can get a bit patchy (or a lot) if I don't moisturize my face regularly with a proper moisturizer but this argan ointment as it is called has just made those patches go away and left me with a beautiful, soft skin that I want to achieve.
If you have dry skin to the point where you get dry patches, I would highly recommend this to you and I would also be more than happy to hear from you about your results.

 xx Maja


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  1. DT ima res same super izdelke, meni najljubši so njihovi oljni geli za tuširanje.tole mazilce imam tudi sama in je odlično.

    1. Že načrtujem ponovn obisk Mercatorja, tako da se bom zdaj lažje odločla kaj vzet. :) Ampak me pa sploh ne preseneča, da nisem edina navdušena nad njim, meni izjemno pomaga s suho kožo.