Makeup Revolution Eye Foil

This single eyeshadow has been waiting for it's review for a while now and I have really been enjoying it. The shade that I have ordered from is called Black Diamond and it has cost me 7,99€, which also includes a primer and a mixing tray, so I do think it is quite a good deal to begin with.

Even though I was a bit skeptic on getting this particular shade I definitely was not dissapointed. Depending on what kind of looks you usually like to create, you can use it just as a pop of glitter or for an all over the lid dramatic kind of a look.
Texture-wise this is a bit creamy eyeshadow, but not to the point where it would be too creamy and sheer. Personally I like to put it on with my fingers as I feel I get the most out of it, but, obviously, you can apply it with a brush. The glitter is out of this world and it makes the most gorgeous metallic effect I have ever seen, which you can see on the photos below.

As I already said, it has a tone of glitter, but as it is creamy, I hardly get any fallout, which the people who apply foundation before eye makeup will probably appreciate a lot. It is not that dark, that I could say the name Black Diamond describes it 100%, but it sure shines bright like a diamond *shamelessly throws in a Rihanna reference*, which I prefer especially on a night-out.
This product lasts really well through the day, which just makes it even more amazing. Another thing I would like to let you know is to be careful when removing your makeup and not to use the same makeup remover wipe all over because in that case the glitter will end up all over your face.
I really doubt, you didn't sense my enthusiasm about this one untill now. If I sum up my opinion on this, I LOVE it, it has great pigmentation, glitter and lasts for a long time. What more could I possibly wish for, right?

xx Maja


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