Avon Naturals Aloe & Cotton Hydrating Face Spritz

As in the summer I don't feel such a big need to apply heavy moisturizers, I was really excited to give this spray ago. I have used it almost every morning for a few weeks now and it costs around 5€.

I like to give myself a few spritzes right after I wash my face and it has a very calming and cooling effect on my skin, which also lasts pretty long in a sense that my skin feels hydrated almost through the whole day. The spritz itself is nice, even and falls on the skin softly. It doesn't feel like you're drowning yourself in a pool of flavoured water, which never goes unappreciated. 

The scent is not strong at all, it's actually barely there which is good for a product like this, since you're spraying it directly onto your face.
Even though there's not a lot to say about this one, I still wanted to let you know what I think of it , and maybe help you with making the decision whether to purchase it or not. 
I would pretty much recommend it to anyone (dry, normal or oily skin) because although it's hydrating it doesn't feel overpowering whatsoever.

xx Maja


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