Essence Summer Fun Blush

I wouldn't necessarily say applying blush is my favorite part of makeup, but I have grown to love it. With summer running at it's full speed, Essence is tomorrow (27th July) making their new collection 'Summer Fun' available in stores. I was lucky enough to receive some of the products from the collection, so I decided to start testing it right away to be able to post reviews even before it reaches the stores.

The blush they released comes in the shade '01 Girls Just Wanna Have Sun' which is a cool toned, berry-ish sort of a shade. The packaging is the classic Essence see-through compact pot which seems to close very firmly.

The texture of the blush is quite smooth and easy to pick up if you're not someone that goes crazy with applying the blush. Although some would say the pigmentation is not that great, I, as someone who likes my blush settle and not over the top, would say it is just right for setting a little fire on those apples of the cheeks.

The wearing time of the blush is not bad, as well. I was able to wear it for approximately 6 hours without it fading away but then stopped looking at the time for the sake of it.
Apart from the glow because of it's creamy consistency the blush doesn't contain any shimmer which in my case is very appreciated.

I do see this blush making it's way into my everyday makeup routine and probably into many of yours', as well.

xx Maja


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