Essence Summer Fun Instant Glow

It was only a couple of months ago when I started using highlighters but that was also the time when I fell in love with them. Now, I use some kind of a highlighter every day, I just cannot get over how beautiful that glow looks.

One of the highlighters that I've been using through the last few days due to being able to try it out even before it's actual release (which is today) is the new Summer Fun Instant Glow from Essence.
Like the blush (which I reviewed yesterday) this cream highlighter also comes in the classic Essence compact packaging. The name of the shade is '01 Walking on Sunshine'.

The color in particular looks like it just blends into the skin and is very appropriate for lighter skin tones. At the same time the little shimmery bits do remind of summer quite a lot. They are pink/purple which gives the product the most beautiful glow. For those of you who are asking yourselves how you're supposed to wear it with all the pinks and purples in the actual product, it isn't really visible if you're not paying particular attention to the highlighter but observing it from up-close it does pop up but still in the most softest way possible.

The texture is creamy as the name itself suggests already which makes it really easy to apply just with your fingers if that is something you're used to.

The highlighter stays on the face really nicely but when it starts to slowly fade a little, the shimmery bits are more visible but definitely not in a way that would make the product non-wearable.
As you can probably tell from this short review, I looove this highlighter (even after using it just for a few days) and will continue to use it.

xx Maja


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