Summer / Fall Clothing Haul

Well, hello, everyone, I'm back after all!

It's been 2 months since my last post on this blog and in the meantime I was just thinking a bit of what I really want to write about, which is not only makeup, but also clothes and some other things I enjoy using / doing. So, get ready cuz it's 'bout to turn up! (Who even believes this, haha. :))

In today's post I decided to show you some clothes I got about a month ago from H&M, Zara & Etam.

I was in a search for a nice bikini for a while and even though I was looking for a one piece (which I couldn't find anywhere) I settled for this beautiful stripy 2-piece from Etam.
I, also, picked up some tops from Zara and, surprisingly, purchased something from Zara for a very first time and realized their stuff isn't even that expensive. The tops from right to left are all from Zara (white halter neck top, nude spaghetti straps top, mustard yellow halter neck body) and the simple oversized white tee is from H&M.

Some other things that I've also picked up from H&M were this sports bra and a top, which I randomly decided to pick up when I saw them in the store.

 Surprise, surprise, all of these things are also from H&M. I've been wanting a pair of biker jeans for the looongest time, but never found just the right ones for me, so when I saw these I knew I had to get them. Same goes for the stripy shirt, which is unfortunately already "ripped" and I'm not able to return it anymore because (another surprise, surprise) I've lost the receipt. The bomber, tho', I wasn't too sure about that one, mainly because of the color but I did end up getting it and now I absolutely adore it and cannot NOT wear it.

And as the last two items I purchased were this pair of cigarette trousers, for which I'm really looking forward to style, and the long grey coat which will be a perfect every day type of a piece for fall.
They are also from H&M.

That's pretty much it for this post, let me know what you think of it and if you've found any pieces that you may own yourself, as well, or would maybe like to purchase. As always (or the majority of time), any post recommendations are more than welcome.

xx Maja


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  1. Your posts are amazing and i like your clothing style a lot <3 i love that bikini swimsuit! but too bad summer is already over :)
    - E from

  2. Thank you, I appreciate it. :) Yeah, summer really flew by but at least we can now embrace the dark lips, warm coats and cute boots!