October Beauty Favorites

Hello, everyone (hopefully, there's more than one person reaading this)! I took a little break from all of this blogging and I wanted to think about what kind of content I want to proceed posting, but, now, I think I'm back for good and I'm really excited for the future posts. Either way, here are my beauty favorites for the month of October, even though we're already half-way through November. Just bare with me, okay? :)

Afrodita Clean Phase Tonic
I wanted to switch it up since I've been using my Dvorec Trebnik tonic for a while now, which, let me just tell you, is expensive. This one from Afrodita is much more affordable even though I don't remember the exact price (I know you wanna judge me really badly for that, but just don't, okay?), I think it was something around 5€. Sometimes when I feel really tired, I'll just take a cotton pad, give it a swim (not literaly, of course) in it, apply to my face and completely leave out any moisturiser for the night. However, it is NOT greasy at all.

Garnier Biphase Micellar Cleansing Water in oil
Before this makeup remover, I used one from the same line which is the regular cleansing water from Garnier, which usually didn't remove all of the makeup when using just one cotton pad. With this one that is not the case at all. I can freely use just one cotton pad and it removes all of my makeup while hydrating my skin at the same time. It does feel quite oily right after applying it, but in 2-3 min it absorbs into the skin completely.

Aussie Miracle Dry Shampoo
Although, I would prefer finding a dry shampoo without a white residue, I still use this Aussie one on a regular basis, which means 2-3 days since I washed my hair and it does work really great (just make sure you use enough), but ever since I heard about dry shampoos that do not leave any white residue or make your hair look lighter, I feel really tempted to use those.

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge
I bought this makeup sponge thinking it might be a bit better then my flat top kabuki brush, but in reality it introduced me to a whole new world of flawless foundation application. I ADORE the finish it gives me and it really helps to prevent any cakey-ness you might get sometimes when applying a very thick foundation or just too much of it.

Catrice Net Works Mattifying Loose Powder 'C01 Transparent'
Now, I bought this powder in the beginning spring and I still haven't gone through the first can of it, which is very, very much appreciated. I use it for areas that I want to 'highlight' and it gives me a really nice finish, which is not overwhelming at all. I find it works great for baking even on my undereyes, where some powders can make my skin look really dry.

Bourjois Healthy Balance Unifying Powder '52 Vanilla'
This is the powder I use every single day, even now that I am starting to get my regular winter pale ghost face. I use it wherever I don't use the Catrice one, which is under my cheekbones, jaw line, on the forehead and nose and I can get away with using this product without any bronzer, but let's be honest, imma still bronze the shizz out of my face.

Avon Super Shock Mascara
I adore this mascara for every day use, since I don't wear makeup that is too dramatic for school. So, if you're the one to really go out on the lash part of your makeup, I suggest you stay back from this one which gives me really beautiful natural looking lashes, that are not clumpy in any way.

And that's about it for my favorites, see ya in the next post of mine!

xx Maja


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