Essence Volume Stylist Lash Extension Mascara

I've been trying out a few mascaras in the past few weeks and this is one of them. I enjoy it's formula, which isn't too wet or anything like that. It mostly focuses on the length of the lashes, not so much on volume, which I, personally, really like.

Since it's formula isn't too wet, it holds the curl of the lashes nicely and doesn't push them down. Most mascaras tend to smudge underneath my eyes, but this one stays put through the whole day.

The brush long but thin, which makes it perfect for applying the mascara not only on your top lashes but also the bottom ones. You just can't clump up your lashes with this one, but it still elongates them quite a bit and separates them. However, if you're a person, who normally goes for volumizing mascaras, there's a great possibility you won't like this one. 


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