Hello to anyone who might still be stuck on this blog of mine... Know I appreciate you dearly, since it's tough these days to find time to write. My last post on here was a clothing haul, just like this one, how unexpected, I know.

If I continue to post on here at least once in a while, you can trust me (or can you?) there won't really be that many hauls on here, in this past year I've been striving towards buying less and making conscious decisions about what to buy. 
So, this is a haul of pieces I bought a few months ago but just now decided to let them see light on here, not to be dramatic or anything like that. We don't do that here. Even tho' it's still winter, I can't stress enough over how excited I am for spring and that hasn't been the case for a few years now. I'm looking forward to sunny, warm days and with that not having to layer so many pieces of clothing, wearing more flowy clothes, especially with these wholesale clothing prices goin…

Clothing haul

Hey, there,

as I obviously hadn't had any distractions while blogging this year, the phrase "long time no see" can't get repetitive at all. Nevertheless, I welcome you back to my blog once again.  As you can see from the title, I'm showing you a couple of clothing items I bought a while back. So, let's get started, so you can get rid of me asap.

Firstly, I got some highwaisted jean shorts from Stradivarius, which I've been meaning to buy for a while. There's not really that much to them, they're a darker wash and were 16€, I think.

I, also, got these shoes from Bershka for 21€. I really needed some formal-ish shoes for my final exams, so that's what I went looking for. As you can see on the photo below, they're white, have a platform and lacy details all over them. Even though these shoes are completely flat, I find them to be quite comfortable.

I've been looking for some light shorts, too and I found this amazing pair which really bre…

Bourjois City Radiance Foundation

In today's post we're gonna be talking about my go-to foundation for the past month are so. It's one of the rare foundations (and by rare I mean 2 at the drugstore) that suit my skin tone well enough.

So, this shade in particular is indeed very light and is called "01 Rose ivory". Even though the name of it implies that it's pink-ish, that's not really the case, at least not on my skin.

It blends out nicely and doesn't look cakey if you don't go overboard with it. It looks good through out the day but does tend to get just a bit cakey after 6 hours or so.

It's finish is radiant as you've probably already guessed, but isn't glowy to the point where it's just too much. It's light-medium coverage and therefore evens out the skin tone quite nicely.

Essence Volume Stylist Lash Extension Mascara

I've been trying out a few mascaras in the past few weeks and this is one of them. I enjoy it's formula, which isn't too wet or anything like that. It mostly focuses on the length of the lashes, not so much on volume, which I, personally, really like.

Since it's formula isn't too wet, it holds the curl of the lashes nicely and doesn't push them down. Most mascaras tend to smudge underneath my eyes, but this one stays put through the whole day.

The brush long but thin, which makes it perfect for applying the mascara not only on your top lashes but also the bottom ones. You just can't clump up your lashes with this one, but it still elongates them quite a bit and separates them. However, if you're a person, who normally goes for volumizing mascaras, there's a great possibility you won't like this one. 

Kind of a roadtrip but not really

Now, almost 2 weeks ago, my two best friends and I decided to go on a short trip, not too far from our homes. We left at about 9am and drove for about 45 minutes. So, we get to this lake, called Šmartinsko jezero, get out of the car and start walking around the lake, which is surrounded with apparently 12km long path, that should be walk-friendly. Spoiler alert: lies, lies, lies... For the first, let's say, 500m or so, it was all fine. Then I kinda, sorta, I think, stepped on a dead fish, that kinda smelled bad. Mooooving on from the smelly fish now. We walked ahead for about 5 minutes and it was at that time, that we started to have trouble walking normally because the nonexistent path aka mud wanted us to have some memories of this day. And so, we each became about a kilogram heavier because of all the mud, that wouldn't let go of our feet as easily. We then decided to avoid such mud-encounters and walked on the solid floor, where there was no mud to be seen.

We then walked…

4 Kids and Us Black Soap

If you're looking for a new face cleanser, search no more! I got you with dem face cleansing products girl / boy! I've had this black soap from 4 kids and us for nearly 2 months and let me tell you, this might just be the best cleanser I've used so far. Not to mention, I still have over a half of it left. I don't know about you but I don't mind saving some ka-chiiiiing if you know what I mean. Otherwise, one bar of this soap costs 9.99€.

I've grown into using this cleanser daily, just because the feeling that it leaves on my skin is incredibly soothing. It minimizes any breakouts that I may have at the moment and calms my skin down. It also leaves it really, really smooth which isn't that much of a focal point but I still appreciate it 'cause I have a soul, apparently. Other then a bit of stinging on fresh breakouts, the product itself isn't harsh on the skin at all. 

Damn, I almost forgot to let you guys know that the products from 4 kids and us, s…

Places I want to travel to

All my life I've been listening to people talk about their travel destinations, plans and experiences. My aunt was planning on going to Iceland, another aunt was going to Estonia and then all my aunts united as if they were a football club of some sort and just went on another travel destination together.

In the past I thought of travelling as something that only people who have plenty of money could  do, but as I grew older I realised that's not necessarily how it is. Yes, you probably do need to have SOME resources but you definitely do not have to be "loaded".

So, here are a few places that I without a doubt want to visit in the future.

This probably seems really mainstream and even though I am 100% an introverted person I would really like to see this city in all it's glory. I think it would be the most liberating as well as intimidating feeling to stand in a city that is just so busy.

This is the next destination I would probably fall in lov…