Places I want to travel to

All my life I've been listening to people talk about their travel destinations, plans and experiences. My aunt was planning on going to Iceland, another aunt was going to Estonia and then all my aunts united as if they were a football club of some sort and just went on another travel destination together.

In the past I thought of travelling as something that only people who have plenty of money could  do, but as I grew older I realised that's not necessarily how it is. Yes, you probably do need to have SOME resources but you definitely do not have to be "loaded".

So, here are a few places that I without a doubt want to visit in the future.

This probably seems really mainstream and even though I am 100% an introverted person I would really like to see this city in all it's glory. I think it would be the most liberating as well as intimidating feeling to stand in a city that is just so busy.

This is the next destination I would probably fall in love with. All those little sheds on top of the clear blue water just seem like an absolute heaven to stay in. I don't even know how they would get rid of me after seeing all the beauty of it. Not only the ocean looks amazing, but the forest as well. All those trees would just give me so much energy and will to explore.

Thailand seems to have it all in my opinion. The ocean, the forests, the buildings... It all seems so connected and perfectly alined to fit each other. That may be just me, but it really seems like an experience I wouldn't want to miss.

Those are the three main places I would simply adore to go to and hopefully I'll get to see them one day. I might just look up for other beautiful places right now, but I think that just wouldn't be a real representation of places I'm dying to see.

Let me know what your travel wishlist is, I'd be happy to read about it in the comment section or on my instagram, whatever you prefer. :)


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