Kind of a roadtrip but not really

Now, almost 2 weeks ago, my two best friends and I decided to go on a short trip, not too far from our homes. We left at about 9am and drove for about 45 minutes. So, we get to this lake, called Šmartinsko jezero, get out of the car and start walking around the lake, which is surrounded with apparently 12km long path, that should be walk-friendly. Spoiler alert: lies, lies, lies... For the first, let's say, 500m or so, it was all fine. Then I kinda, sorta, I think, stepped on a dead fish, that kinda smelled bad. Mooooving on from the smelly fish now. We walked ahead for about 5 minutes and it was at that time, that we started to have trouble walking normally because the nonexistent path aka mud wanted us to have some memories of this day. And so, we each became about a kilogram heavier because of all the mud, that wouldn't let go of our feet as easily. We then decided to avoid such mud-encounters and walked on the solid floor, where there was no mud to be seen.

We then walked for quite a while, I would say about 5 kilometers. Just  as we arrived to the touristy part of the lake, where in the beginning of it, there was a small roof, it started pouring rain, which we took as a chance to put down the blanket we brought with ourselves, sit down and eat. So, that's what we did. We sat there in the quiet, only accompanied with rain and the sounds of us biting into different kinds of fruit and cookies. When it stopped raining, we all felt barely capable of moving, but we continued with our walking.

After a few more kilometers we stopped for a drink at a bar by the lake, drank our strawberry juice and went on with our path. Nothing that exciting happened from here on, except for the fact it made us really hope to see the car again, once we circled the whole lake. We then went to get some pizza and since I like to experiment with my pizzas, I decided to order the large classic one with ham, cheese, ketchup and mushrooms. And yes, I am, indeed, always this original.

So, that was it for the day. Nature, food and pizza (pizza is just too good to be called food). Oh, and friends. It wouldn't be good to forget mentioning them... But for real, it would had been a well-spent day, wherever we went, since we have so much fun together.


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