Favorite YouTube Channels

Hey, guys!

So, in today's post I wanted to do something a little different that would give you a bit of an insight on what kind of content I like to watch on YouTube. Feel free to continue reading and, also, let me know some of your favorite youtubers! :)

Desi Perkins
Whenever she posts a new video, I watch it as soon as possible, that's how much I love her tutorials, tags, Q&As. Her personality is something else, she's just so genuine, down to earth and I really feel like her positive vibes are contagious af.

Erik Conover
Now, this man puts some SERIOUS effort in his vlogs. I've been watching his videos since December 2015 and cannot miss a single vlog. The shots he does with his drone are amazing, the music he chooses to go with them is amazing, his spontaneous way of living life day by day is amazing. Honestly, his channel has everything I could ever wish for in vlogs.

Andrew Lowe
Andrew uses sarcasm waaaay too much and that's exactly the amount of sarcasm I use. He's just too funny and makes videos that will make your day.

Lily Singh aka IISuperwomanII
So much relatable content that is brought out in the funniest way possible. I still cannot wrap my mind around how she does some videos all on her own while dressed up in 5 different people. Adore her.

Liza Koshy
She's the only person on this list that I've just started watching a few weeks ago and I already love her content so much. I just relate to her behaviour so much and it makes me so happy to be able to say that. The faces she makes, the puns and all the jokes are HILARIOUS.

Olivia Gianulli aka Olivia Jade
The youngest out of the bunch, but, also, so genuine and talented. She just seems like an amazing person to hang out with and I appreciate that so much whenever I stumble upon a youtuber like that (which believe me, isn't as easy as it might seem).

Joe Sugg aka Thatcher Joe
No matter how bad of a mood I might be in, this one always (not exagerating) makes my day. His videos are an overload of entertainment, however, it's the good overload. Oh, and his impressions are freaking mindblowing!

Those are the youtubers, whose videos I watch right away and that seriously stand out in the sea of all the youtubers (for me, personally). Let me know if you watch any of them and how you liked this post, which is definitely a step out of this blog's comfort zone.


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