Catrice Kaviar Gauche Quattro Eye Shadow Palette


Believe me, I'm trying to get in that consistent state of blogging again. Just bare (bear) with me, 'cause I like honey. No? Okay, let's just get started without me trying to throw puns everywhere.
In this post, I'll try to give you as much information about this palette as possible. Lay back and let that brain of yours suck it all in. :D

First of all, the packaging is freaking stunning. The gold details on the front make the product really beautiful to look at in the first place. The black material surrounding it is also quite soft, it feels like some kind of of suede-like material which I like.

Now, in the packaging itself you get a mirror and four neutral eye shadows, three of them are almost completely matte and the fourth one which is also the lightest of them all is a shimmery shadow, that is perfect for highlighting the inner corners of your eyes.

Not gonna life, the pigmentation is barely there, it isn't good at all if you want to achieve more than a very natural look. I do like it for every day kind of looks, but I don't even try to bother to use it for anything else. 

About the lasting of the shadows... They actually look good for quite a long period of time, I'm talking about the very natural makeup look of course.

As you can probably tell, I mainly purchased this product for it's packaging, but the product itself could still definitely be worse and I do think you can make it work if you aren't looking for a product to create dramatic looks with.

And that is everything I have for you, guys, today. I hope this was helpful, see ya next time! :)


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